Pallets Planks

It can be produced regarding Your requirements for production different types of wooden pallets. Pallet Planks are fresh-cut and natural humidity.

Epal Pallets

All EPAL pallets are heat treated by ISPM 15/IPPC requirements with IPPC stamp. Pallets can be produced from dried wood which contains 18-22 percent of moisture.

Industrial pallets

CP-1 CP-2 CP-3 CP-4 CP-5 CP-6 CP-7 CP-8 CP-9

One time used pallets

600x800 and 800x1200

Non standart pallets

Non standart pallets according to Your specifications, requirements

Wood pellets

Wood pellets

House Rent

House Rent in the Netherlands
NB, Bergen op Zoom, Roosendaal

Garden furniture

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